Cerakoting and Hydrographics

Whether you are looking to add some color or to give your piece a  personalized flair, SCB Guns & Ammo provides a wide range of refinishing products for many applications large and small.  Not only for firearms, we are able to refinish many projects including motorcycle and vehicle parts, tumblers, lighters and e-cig mods, and many other applications. As a certified Cerakote applicator we are able to provide the customer with a wide range of choices for single or multicolor refinishing with a hardened and durable finish. We also provide a large selection of hydro-graphics giving our customers the ability to camouflage or personalize their projects with complex patterns. No matter the project, big or small, we are always happy to not only complete your dream gun but assist with any planning that is needed.  Please feel free to contact us with any and all questions you may have.

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