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We have a wide range of accessories in the store, from a wall full of magazines to reloading supplies to conceal carry purses and everything in between!  There is 1,600 square feet of showroom space that is packed with all types of items relating to firearms!  If we don't have it, we certainly can get it!  Dealing with several of the largest wholesalers across the country means we have access to a lot of hard to find items, faster and cheaper than our competition.  Come in and see the difference!


Mags to Triggers

Huge selection of AR and AK accessories available in our store.  We have a "build an AR" section that has every piece you need to build as well as many upgrades! 


.25cal to 50bmg

We offer all types of ammunition, handgun, long gun, etc. We stock all types of ammo, if we don't have it, guaranteed we can get it!


$20 to $199

We carry over 75 different styles, colors, sizes and several different manufacturers.  This insures that we have a purse for you!


Wide range of t shirts from Chris Kyle, Glock, Buckwear, Kerusso and many more!  S-3x.  SCB graphic t shirts 3-6x!

Kerusso to Chris Kyle


Bullet Jewelry is jewelry made utilizing casings from spent shells.  There are so many different designs in necklaces, earrings, rings, etc.

Bling, Bling


This category covers anything from Ear/Eye Protection to custom made Metal Art signs. It is impossible to show everything, come in and check us out!

So many items...

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Tactical Scopes, Rifle Scopes, Lasers for all types of firearms. Day & Night Vision also available!

Finding the Target


Powders to Primers, Brass to Die sets and most things in between. We have lots of reloading supplies to help you save!

Save, save, save


Whether you carry open or concealed, leather or kydex, we have you covered!

Open or Conceal?

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