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About Us

SCB Guns & Ammo is locally owned and operated by Bryan and Pam Brinkley (FFL Dealers). 


We BUY all types of guns, etc.  We SELL rifles, shotguns, pistols and revolvers, new and used.  There is also a full line of tactical supplies, such as AK's and AR's and tons of accessories to dress them out just the way you like it!  We are a Class 3 dealer therefore we sell suppressors, SBR, etc.  WE ARE 1 OF 3 DEALERS IN NC WITH A CLASS 3 KIOSK ON SITE! This kiosk streamlines the entire process, making it so simple to do the necessary paperwork and other requirements right here without leaving the premises! It also simplifies future Class 3 purchases! We TRADE as well.  We are competitively priced and hope to gain your business and trust!  If you have a collection please contact us, WE BUY GUN COLLECTIONS!  We know you can buy a gun anywhere, so we strive to make your experience with us a pleasant one!


Our History and Our Future...

SCB Guns & Ammo was started in 2008 as SCB Ammo by Bryan Brinkley, our owner and founder. Bryan started with a case of ammunition and a single table at a local gun show and within 3 years had increased to 3 tables with an occasional gun.  In January 2012 we became an FFL dealer and began to carry more and more guns and eventually decided to open a local gun store.  


Knowing that we wanted to be able to keep gun, ammo, and accessory prices reasonable we found a location that is convenient for customers from High Point, Winston Salem, Archdale, and all surrounding areas. 


Our current store is located conveniently off Randolph Street in Thomasville, NC, diagonally behind Granny's Donuts and BBQ Shack.  This location was purchased in July 2015 after  previously renting an 800 sq. ft. location for nearly 3.5 years.  The new store is approximately 3,800 sq. ft. and has provided us with enough room to increase the amount of products we can carry, and allowed us to branch out to new services- including gunsmithing.


As of July 1, 2016, we are now a Class 3 dealer allowing us to bring wide range of suppressors, automatic weapons, and other NFA regulated items to our customers.  We now have a Class 3 kiosk, one of three in the state of NC.  This kiosk enables us to streamline paperwork and other requirements needed, all handled within our facility.

With our  continued expansion we are also offering many gunsmithing services including Repairs, Hydrodipping, Cerakoting, and Engraving services for various applications, not only firearms. 

Our Gun Store has been open since August 2011 and strive to be well established with locals and hope to become YOUR new one-stop store for all gun related needs.

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